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The Skype Insider version is now getting a redesign to the various aspects of the UI on the app. These redesigns will affect certain aspects of the app that users interact with, hence improving usage and looks. Some areas of the Skype app that are getting these design improvements are the messaging interface, audio UI, and camera interface.

If you use the Skype app, you will not be getting this update soon, as it is currently in beta testing. Currently, only users of the Skype Insider app version can access these design changes and improvements. In the coming weeks, users of the regular Skype app will get these design improvements via an app update that’ll roll out on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The design upgrade to the messaging interface now helps users to better reply to messages. Audio messages get an active waveform, and the camera interface gets a media preview feature. Let’s now learn more about these new design improvements and features that are coming to the Skype app.

Details on the coming Skype UI redesign that is currently available on the Insider version

From the Skype Insider version update, three major design updates are coming to the app. Each update not only improves the look of the app but also brings a functional feature that users will love. If you use Skype for work or to keep up with your family and friends, then you’ll get to like some of these design improvements once they roll out via an update.

The new update is bringing vertical lines to the messaging interface, and this will help break things up. With this users now have a visual separation of the messages in their chats. This will help aid in replying to messages, and other design upgrades here will help the visually impaired.

For audio messages, users will soon get a waveform visual effect on each audio message. This waveform moves along with the audio messages depicting its length. Users will be able to use this feature to scan through the entire audio message, as well as adjust the speed at which the message is playing.

While sending images via messages to other users will soon be able to preview the media before sending it. Skype will also try to prevent users from sending up to 10 media content to others at the same time. Those who don’t like this preview feature can cancel it from the app once the update rolls out.

The roll-out of this Skype UI redesign update is a bit jittery at this point. It also brings some bug fixes and improvements to the app stability for better and refined usage. Some users will get this update before others, so keep checking the Google Play Store or the App Store for an update to your app.

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