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The Miami Dolphins have become a fun team to watch, but more than that, they’ve become the kind of team that would run through a wall for each other.

A lot of that has had to do with Mike McDaniel’s leadership and coaching ways.

In the latest edition of The Rich Eisen Show, the renowned pundit talked about how McDaniel almost made everyone in the room cry when talking about Tua Tagovailoa and the belief he has in his players.

He talked about how much he believed in Tua because of how fearless he was and how little he cared about the outside criticism, knowing that having his parents by his side and telling him he was special had a big impact on his upbringing and his ability to believe in himself.

He stated that, as a coach, loving his players was an instrumental part of his job, as he had to inspire them and let them realize just how special they are.

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The Dolphins are the most entertaining team to watch in the league, boasting an explosive offense.

They rally together, and while some still don’t believe in them as legitimate championship contenders, they have more than enough talent to go toe-to-toe with the best teams in the league.

This kind of turnaround isn’t usually achieved overnight, and McDaniel deserves a lot of credit for believing in Tua when no one else did it, as he’s now the leading candidate to win MVP and has silenced the critics one by one.

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