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Exclusive! Yaariyan 2 actor Pearl V Puri has this message for all the trollers, read to know more – Marca BBC

MUMBAI: Actor Pearl V Puri has been winning the hearts of the fans over the time which his amazing acting contribution, especially on television, the actor is currently getting some amazing response for his movie Yaariyan 2 which also marks his big screen debut.

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During the exclusive interaction with Tellychakkar actor Pearl V Puri talked about the scariest pickup line he ever heard, most interesting person on social media according to him and much more.

1. Most Interesting person on Social media?

The most interesting person in social media is Virat Kohli.

2. Whom do you stalk the most?

Sometimes I think why do I not stalk someone in social media. I’ve never stalked anyone.

3. Most funny and interesting person on Social Media?

Get out a lot of people who are funny and interesting social media who make funny videos like RJ Karishma. She had taken an interview back when she was an RJ. She is very sweet and very funny. She came to my mind right now, so I will take her name.

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4. What do you search the most on social media?

So there are a lot of my fans. I call them my family. They make video compilation by cutting and editing small clips of mine. I love those. I keep searching for those and then watch them.

5. One word for trollers?

Thank you, that you never trolled me. Please don’t even do it. It feels bad. I’ve seen actors who get really tense and can’t even sleep because of it. So let people live the way they want to.

6. Your favourite emojis?

The hugging smiley.

7. The most irritating question someone asks you?

No. It’s their inquisitiveness and their curiosity. Sometimes I don’t understand their question so I don’t know how to answer them but I don’t get irritated. 

8. The worst pick up line you have heard?

I’ll say a scary one. “If you don’t say yes to me right now, I’ll go under a truck in 5 minutes.” So I stopped explaining to them that they have a family, and have people who love them. 

9. What kind of profile you like to follow?

Mostly motivational. I like to follow Sadhguru. I follow when I get to learn something from it.

10. Message to your social media fans?

To all the fans on Social media and on Tellychakkar, I want to say one thing, thank you so much guys! I’m here because of your love. Will move forward because of your love. So please keep loving me. Please watch Yaariyan 2. Watch my performance and let me know how you like it.

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This was our conversation with the actor Pearl V Puri. Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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