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“This Would Be A Major Disaster If We Were Never Able To Get In The Ring”

Deontay Wilder has taken to instagram to send a message directly to Anthony Joshua. Wilder, in an effort at making a fight between he and AJ a reality, has appealed to Joshua to take the fight with him. Recently, Joshua spoke of the possibility of him facing Wilder on the under card of the Tyson Fury-Oleksandr Usyk fight (date, December 23 – we think/hope, anyway).

And now, Wilder has urged AJ to “get in the ring” with him.

“[It is] a fight everyone is looking forward to and hopefully it happens and I’m doing everything in my power to make it happen, and I’m referring to the Anthony Joshua fight,” Wilder said on instagram. “Anthony, you’re getting it from the horse’s mouth himself: I’m here, I’m ready to go. I heard some things your promoter said that my last fight only lasted a short period of time and I haven’t fought in a year and he doesn’t know if I want to fight or not. But I’m letting you know that I’m ready to fight – let’s make this the best time of our lives. This would be a major disaster if we were never able to get in the ring and put our stamp down in history.

“When people think about classics and great fights, I want them to think about us as well. Being able to do that, we’ve got to get in the ring. The silliest thing I’ve heard is people saying you’re not ready and that’s the silliest thing because I don’t believe that – I hope you’re ready, I think you’re ready. Let’s make this happen.”

But is Joshua ready to fight Wilder? Has AJ got the self-belief and the confidence needed to get in the ring with the lethal-punching Wilder? Fans have lost track over how long we have been waiting for this fight, over how many years we have heard talk about it. Now, we need action. If it doesn’t happen either this year or in the first half of next year, Wilder Vs. Joshua will probably never happen.

Wilder has made it clear he wants the fight. Now Joshua has to do the same. Getting the two fighters to absolutely want to fight and to declare as much is half the battle, then, Eddie Hearn, Shelly Finkel and co. can surely find a venue and get this fight made. Or maybe Joshua-Wilder really will take place on the Fury-Usyk card!

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