About Us

Who Are We

MarcaBBC– a press organization concerned with publishing the latest events and developments in many aspects: iOS, Android, Widows, MacOS, News and other aspects related to technology, And Articles About “How To Guide”

In the press a MarcaBBC, we also seek to reach the reader with the best experience for viewing and benefiting in all fields.

We have a team capable of shortening the news and placing it in templates suitable for reading, with a focus on spreading culture and awareness.

* Our vision
We seek to present what distinguishes us and reserve our professional position for us during the coming years, through a professional work team that includes the best English pens, writers and thinkers who seek to present the truth, form, create, develop awareness and direct it in accordance with its interests and aspirations in accomplishing the tasks of national and social liberation.

* Our mission
In this media space, we stand on the side of truth without backgrounds or prejudices, and we highlight the just humanitarian files.

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